Hello! This is a blog founded by two girls from Bosnia and Herzegovina who love books. Most posts that you’ll read here is written by me (Seldjana) but there are some works of my dear friend Merima. When I’m not studying for high school, I read, play piano and draw. This blog is about books, movies, TV shows, and some of my random thoughts.

So, this is actually another book blog, but it’s not just one of many. I’d love to share all my thoughts and I’d love to hear yours. Since I some from Bosnia&Herzegovina, I’d also like to hear what books are “in” in other countries etc. Hope that you’ll enjoy it, like, follow, and I’ll check your blog too, be sure in that 🙂

I write about books, and my thoughts about books, but also some common teen problems, and sometimes some random things that come on my mind.

My goal is to have many many of you who will see this and who will leave positive comments, so please LEAVE COMMENTS, I love to read them.


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  1. Hi, Lovely place 🙂 Great to meet young bloggers who are passionate about books. If you’re interested in Mexico, you will love my three books which are all about Mexico. All the best 🙂

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