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Back to business!

Guess who hasn’t been posting in 5 months! Omg, I feel so ashamed and this time, I really don’t know what to say as an excuse. I’m always delaying writing and in the end, I don’t write at all. I feel so tired from the usual daily routine and barely have some time for myself, and even when I do have free time, I think it’s obvious what am I wasting it on-reading.

But, I have reaaaally missed this. I thought about blogging or whatever you call it, and I don’t even know who’s gonna read this. I can’t even be sure that anyone’s going to do that. And yet, here I am. I just feel like I like to share some things with people-doesn’t matter who they are. I think that some interest that we have in common is quite enough to justify our need to see other people’s opinion and give our own. And regarding that, although I give up on my blog many times, I always come back again. I really missed it.

I can, of course, give a little credit to school. I know I’m complaining about it a lot, but come on, I’m 16 (yes, I’ve turned 16 in November!), what other worries am I supposed to have? Of course, I worry about fictional characters on regular basis but in this world we call “real” school is mostly killing me. Oh, well, I still have a long way ahead of me.

I might have neglected thebookorchids but I most certainly haven’t done that with reading. So, basically, this was still me all these months I haven’t been writing here.


Yeah, true. I’m gonna write a review asap!! I figured I got kind of addicted to reviewing books since my dear family and friends don’t want to listen to them haha. I don’t blame them tho. One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other, as Jane Austen said. Anyway, I’m glad that I have time (since it’s winter break) and will to do something here-small but for me, good enough.

Do you ever feel like no matter what you’re doing, it just doesn’t turn out as you wanted it to? Or that you just can’t work, although you know you should? I know those days, but I’m also always trying to get over them using the best medicine-books. Or art in any shape (for example, I also love to draw). Or maybe something else, something that makes you simply happy. Or at least somewhat less sad. I’d really like to hear your opinion. See ya (sooner than you expect, I assure you haha). Lots of love <3. -S



3 thoughts on “Back to business!

  1. Like you, I’ve been a bit slack in writing my book blog. Mainly because of things that happened in the month I stopped and then school and then I just got lazy. But I am also back! We always end up coming back don’t we? I love blogging and reading way too much to completely give up.
    I am turning 16 in February and entering year 11 this year so I suspect it’s going to be way harder than before but I SHALL TRY! I should really say I SHALL DO THIS!
    Anyway, good luck! I wish you all the luck with your blogging and school 🙂

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