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Emma~Jane Austen

Hi! Since summer vacation mode is on, I have much more time to read books ergo I’ll probably be writing more reviews. So, this is a second Jane Austen book I’ve read, and I can see that I like the way she writes, I like the world she describes, and damn, I loved both main male characters in her books. Emma_Jane_Austen

This one was kind of a difficult read. Unlike Pride and Prejudice, Emma does not get you interested in the story from the very beginning. Plot seems to develop slowly, paying attention on every single detail and sometimes you just want to leave the book because it’s hard to stay focused on it. But, that little spark of interest kept me going and I finished it (obviously) and actually ended up liking it!

Jane Austen spared us from thinking who is the main female character in this book. “Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever, and rich” as we find out from the first sentence turns out to be not so mentally rich and not as clever as everybody thought. Austen said it herself.

“I am going to take a heroine whom no one but myself will much like” 

Miss Taylor who was her governess for 16 years gets married and becomes Mrs. Weston. She is more lonely now, living only with her although beloved, not such a good company father. So, she finds a new bestie in Mrs. Goddard school-Harriet Smith.


I think that their friendship actually caused more harm than good. Although she has good intentions, Emma always seems to misunderstand things in her famous matchmaking. I guess I’ll never understand what is the joy in that. But…

“One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other.”

And the victim was usually poor Harriet. I sometimes think that she must have seen what’s going on but she doesn’t want to admit the defeat. And also, we must ask ourselves how come that Harriet never complains and still idolizes Miss Woodhouse, but I’ll help you on this one-she never had that significant friend and she never felt that important herself. But, anyway. Harriet refuses proposal from Robert Martin and she’s rejected by Mr. Elton. I was mad that there were about 100 pages on that only. But, don’t let that discourage you!

Things are starting to develop after that. Sort of. That Frank Churchill (Mr. Weston’s son) came and I honestly thought-there you go, even indifferent Emma can fall in love! But, maybe with reading I got some of her matchmaking skills and I knew that she has to be with Mr. Knightley in the end. But, there was a long way ahead of her. It’s really obvious that her attitude changed a lot from the beginning. She listened to others. She stopped meddling other’s people business. And she finally looked in her own heart instead of other’s.

Mr. Elton actually disappointed me, I expected him to be a bigger gentleman. Why is it so hard to ask a poor girl to dance? Shame on you. So, I think he deserved his Augusta and her ‘caro sposo’ that were annoying me but at the same time making me laugh all time long. They are just perfect for each other. Then another surprise, Miss Fairfax and Frank Churchill. Well, when it comes to him, he was so confusing character so nothing that is related to him isn’t too surprising.

I hated pages and pages of Miss Bates talking about EVERY LITTLE THING. But, I also felt sorry for her and everything she’s been through. Being Jane Fairfax’s aunt isn’t an easy job after all.


The only person who ever stood against her and honestly pointed out her flaws was Mr. Knightley. Maybe that made him my favorite character, I don’t know. He is being himself and not afraid to say what’s on his mind-and he’s still a gentleman. Learn from the best, Elton!

Love between Emma and George (what would they say if they could see this, “Emma”, “George”, who does she think she is?) is simple. They’ve known each other their entire lives, and they just needed a little push (OK, Emma needed a little more) to figure out they are made to be together. It’s cute and lovely. One among many things I love with Jane Austen’s books is that I can always expect a good romance and a nice happy ending. They just satisfies me and makes me happy.

“If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.”


And for the screen adaptations, I’ve seen the BBC mini series because I was afraid how can THIS plot be in a two hour movie. Anyway, I loved this series, actors and everything, and even more important…


I hope that you will like, comment and maybe read this book if you haven’t yet! Lots of love.-S ❤



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