Finally May!

Hello lovies! How’s May doing so far? Although it’s pretty bad weather over here, my mood is not that bad at all. I think that it must be because I’m oyes-gif-10n a short but needed vacation from school and that just feel SO GOOD! I think that kids in high schools all over the world live for holidays and that few precious days of rest. Sometimes I feel like I have a Mount Everest of lessons, homework and exams to finish and I just can’t do that! So, yes, a little bit of enjoyment over here!

And as a serious book addict, I couldn’t wait to come back to my dear lovely books and reading. Btw, right now I’m reading (finally!!) Jennifer Niven’s All The Bright Places. I think that I wasn’t so impressed until today when Finch and Violet are together!!! And I’m always going for those cute and awkward love stories although they are not my favorite genre, but come on, who wouldn’t like a little bit of romance? So, I have about hundred pages left to finish but first, let me write a blog post.

What have I done this week…


  • As I’ve already said, I’m currently reading All The Bright Places since it’s on my TBR list for a long while and I’ve decided to read all the books I have on my pile at home that I’ve been pushing away, so, yeah, that one is one of THEM. And I’m reading Dante’s Inferno for school, but I’ve put it a bit aside, I mean Finch can’t wait!
  • I’ve seen The Wolf Of Wall Street! I love Leonardo DiCaprio anyway, but I haven’t seen this movie yet for God knows what reason. And there you have awesome Matthew McConaughey and, as I go further I just feel more sorry for not seeing it before. Yup, the cast is great if you ask me BUT in some parts it felt a little bit too much for me. But, never the less, Leo was on point as always. Oh, and I love this scene *moves in the beat rhythm*gh
  • I decided to re-watch one of my fav comedy series-The IT Crowd. It can always make me laugh. You just wouldn’t ADAM-andbel-EVE-it. Only those who watched will understand hahah. And you should definitely watch it if you haven’t! Ah, Moss…ITCROWD-6bigben
  • Anyway, I also managed to see third Hobbit movie, The Battle Of Five Armies. I wanted to see it for a while now and I have to stay with my opinion-first one is my favorite one. I just love Hobbit book and I think that in some parts they’ve gone a little too far in fighting and battle scenes so something that is more interesting to me isn’t there. But, it’s just my opinion, after all.
  • Also, it’s not this exact week, but past month I was drawing something new and it’s London Bridge!
  • Oh wait, it’s Big Ben. Haha, and yes, this is my first serious architectural drawing. So don’t blame me for mistakes. Have I ever mentioned that I would just love to at least visit London, but I’d rather live in in! I don’t know, I just love everything about it.

“London is a riddle. Paris is an explanation.”

How’s your May started? What are you currently reading or watching? I want comments, thanks for reading ❤ And there we have an attempt of a logo.
















2 thoughts on “Finally May!

  1. what! you are just now seeing the wolf of wall street?? I loved that movie:) and you drew that? that’s really good, I used to draw a lot when I was younger, but just stopped for some reason:/ you said you were on vacation, so does that mean you’re missing school or you’re on summer vacation already?

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