Playlist Shuffle Tag

Hi guys! 🙂 It’s been a while and since I really haven’t been reading really much for all that while, I’m writing this tag post, thanks to A Stranger’s Guide To Novels. Click on the link, visit her blog, it’s really great!

The rules are that you basically put your music on shuffle on your phone, MP3 player or online playlist and list the 15 songs that come up! Then after tag 10 people!

Okay, so I’ll be using my phone playlist which I listen to everyday, but I’m not pretty sure what is this shuffle going to look like, I hope that it’ll show the better side of my playlist! But anyway, music is music. So, hope you’ll find something for that you like too.

And here goes my playlist on shuffle…

  1. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds-Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow
  2. Linkin Park-Castle Of Glass
  3. Kasabian-Acid Turkish Bath (Shelter From The Storm)
  4. Passenger-Let Her Go
  5. Lux Aeterna A.K.A. Requiem For A Dream-Clint Mansell

  6. The Killers-When You Were Young
  7. Eminem-Rap God
  8. Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here
  9. Tove Lo-Habits (Stay High)
  10. Nirvana-Something In The Way
  11. Bruno Mars-Marry You
  12. Radiohead-Creep
  13. Jessie J-Masterpiece
  14. Arctic Monkeys-When The Sun Goes Down
  15. Red Hot Chili Peppers-Scar Tissue


Now the tags…

aliada2/bjaybrooks/sophiereads/Byford’s Books/Next Jen/Shannon/Consume And Review/Adventures of a Bibliophile/Book Allure/The Girl Who Reads

If you ask me, this was a real shuffle! For those who I’ve tagged, sorry if they’ve already did it. And, I hope you liked this, listen to some of these songs if you haven’t yet.

love, Seldjana, your book orchid 🙂


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