To read or not to read, that is the question

Hey, it’s been a while! But as I supposed school really got me like: “Please, no more.”And regarding that, I feel so detached from some literature I usuimagesally read and everything I do is studying, studying, trying to catch some sleep, did I say studying? So, yeah, trying to do some blog posts these days, and right now I should prooobably be doing something else but I decided to write a bit and make you unfollow this pathetic reading blog. *sarcasm alert*Please, please, read, follow, like, leave comments, whatever. It means a lot.

Ah, the title… I actually don’t know will I write anything that has something to do with it, but damn, it sounds good.

In the time I live, in the time we live, it’s really hard to say, you know, what is really good to do, or really stupid, bad, blabla. It’s almost impossible. But people tend to do so. Just look at others, and judge everything that’s out of some so called line like for example something more interesting that looking at somebody else’s life. To say it in a simple way, I think people might have some wrong perception about reading in their heads (or what?) and whenever you say you do that it’s so embarrassing, so you rather just shut up. And stop. That’s more about the society influence, as I see it. I’m sure that it’s hard to present books as a thing more interesting than posting on Twitter, Facebook or looking what happened with Kardashians (which I really can’t understand) but truth is that reading books is way interesting than any of that. Seriously.


If I have to start somewhere, that can be something that has a great impact when we choose to read a book and those are covers. It’s not so good, I know, don’t judge the book…but it’s truth. And it really is more interesting when you open a book with beautiful covers, it makes you more intrigued with it. And if it’s for comfort, you can always take some great pics for Instagram. I always do so haha.tumblr_m94orwJ39V1reonico1_500

One really good thing about reading is that you literally live a life of every character. You can accurate with them, or you can badly disagree. But the fact is that you see them clearly see their personalities and have some feelings about them. Besides, all the books take place in different ages, different cultures, you can learn how people lived at the time. You travel in the past as well as in the future. And, after all, you get to learn many sorts of people there, and it may be helpful to understand the real ones that surround you every day.


Okay, so, this is a lot more than an aesthetic observation, but let’s say it like this… Books really give your room a soul. All those titles and decorating the shelves is always interesting. Okay, not always-but it surely makes your room rook “smarter”. And I enjoy in view at my shelves although they are not that big. But every time I buy a new book, thinking about where should I put it, looking at it surrounded with all the others itself, makes me happy. And step by step, you’re making your own world between all those colorful covers. For me, it’s priceless.


I know that there are many many opinions on every subject in this world and we all have something that we’re interested in and of course it’s not the same for everyone-after all, it shouldn’t be. But I just think that if you never found a book you really love, you’ve never actually bothered to properly read it. As I said, it’s not just looking at all those words, you have to understand them. I think people would be way happier if they found happiness in small things instead of money, fame and I really don’t know, whatever. Little things are the ones that make you happy for a long time, and these enormous ones last for a short time, and we get bored of them. So, we should keep the little ones but also search and enjoy the big ones. Reading is one of my little things. And I’m very happy with my treasure. So, what are yours? Thanks for reading! And write the comments guys!

love, Seldjana, you book orchid 🙂


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