Welcome February

So, yeah, here goes the shortest month. But, that’s good for change, I think January was kinda long and felt never-ending anyway. There was a bit of snow here in B&H but it lasted for only couple days and since I looove to watch it fall I was really sad when it suddenly stopped. I want snow when it’s winter man! And of course, reading with hot cup of anything you want with the whiteness everywhere…I just adore winter.


So anyway, hello February, goodbye snow. Which leads to another thing I said hello recently…School. Yaay. Not that I didn’t miss all my friends but it’s school, come on, nobody can be very happy for that. Vacation, as all the good stuff, lasted short, and when I take a look at my homework, I already miss it. But I also remember the days on break when I didn’t know what to do (not counting reading in) and with the time, it gets a little boring. So, maybe it’s good to be constantly occupied with work and daily things again. So, let’s get down to business (having Eminem’s song on my mind right now) and after all I think we should all try to enjoy school as much as we possibly can and think about it like something that might get us really interested in some subject one day and that may be our future job! Or just find some better motivation. Be proud of what you learn everyday, it just makes you one step closer to the thing we all want to be one day-successful, intelligent people, happy with who they are and what they’ve accomplished in life.


The only thing I’ve learned for sure in all these years is that you can learn anything just if you want and try hard enough. There are many situations in which we think we’ll do great with making no effort but it just can’t be. Every single thing takes time and patience. That’s all, but sometimes it seems too much. Which is also normal. After all, we’re only humans.

So there’s only one left thing I want to write and that’s one list. Precisely one list that contains books. More precisely, January reads.

For some of them, I wrote reviews, some of them are just waiting for that wonderful moment haha, anyway…

“The Hobbit”, J. R. R. Tolkien, Thror’s map
  • “Fortress”, Meša Selimović
  • “To Kill a Mockingbird”, Harper Lee
  • “Starcrossed”, Josephine Angelini
  • “Island Beneath the Sea”, Isabel Allende
  • “The Hobbit”, J. R. R. Tolkien

I’m really satisfied with the books I’ve read past month, they were all interesting which is the most important thing, and it was time for me to finally read “The Hobbit”, I’ve also seen the first movie, and I’m planning to read LOTR soon and see other movies too. I’m looking forward to it.

My reading challenge for this year is 50, and so far, I think I could make it haha. I’d like to hear thoughts for any of the topics I’ve mentioned. Did you read these books? Enjoyed January? School problems? Thanks for reading 🙂

love, Seldjana, your book orchid 🙂




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