To kill a mockingbird~Harper Lee

So, there is a picture from my first post that I’ve chosen bc it’s pretty much one of my favorites when it comes to these I took. That is a Harper Lee’s “To kill a mockingbird”, and for those who haven’t seen it yet (and ofc because when you take pictures of books, you’ll probably take hundreds and like only one so I have only this one haha)….

“To kill a mockingbird”, Harper Lee

I know that in USA this is a sort of “must read” books, but over here it’s not like that, I mean, we don’t read it in school so, it’s not an obligation.



So, this book is about one period in American history when black people were little more than slaves and they were constantly humiliated by white people. They were separated on many different ways. But, in this book, just like we have white people who support that regime, we also have white people who don’t and who think all human beings are the same. So did Scout say:

“Naw, Jem, I think there’s just one kind of folks. Folks”.

Atticus Finch is a lawyer who spends his time working, with his kids and a lot of reading (so, I actually thought, this is a parent I want to be!). He gets the case of Tom Robertson, a black guy who is accused for raping Mayella Ewell, daghter of Bob Ewell who are well known for their hate for black people and many other bad habits. And besides their lame testimony against Tom Robertson, he is accused anyway-just because he’s black. It just hurts to see how were black people treated before and it was pretty emotional to read the pages where his condemnation was based on his skin colour. Jem asks himself:

“If there’s just one kind of folks, why can’t they get along with each other? If they’re all alike, why do they go out of their way to despise each other? 

And this is a question we should all ask ourselves.

There is one more character. Scaut’s and Jem’s neighbor. Boo Radley. Kids are afraid of him because he never gets out of his scary house. But, as it reveals later, he is a very nice person, and it’s not his parents that kept him in the house all that years. I agree with Jem:

“Scout, I think I’m beginning to understand something. I think I’m beginning to understand why Boo Radley’s stayed shut up in the house all this time . . . it’s because he wants to stay inside.”

I think that sometimes, when you see everything that is going on around you, all the bad stuff and all the humiliation, you just want to stay out of it. To run away in some hidden room, your own world, so you can rest from people. For some people, living in a world that surrounds them is too much. I too, sometimes can’t understand people around me. But, maybe none of us NOW doesn’t have to do that because it is way different world today. But, still, whatever the people around us are, we must take care of what we do. ‘Cause it’ll chase us.

“But before I can live with other folks I’ve got to live with myself. The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.”

From this book we can learn a lot, just like from every other. It opened me a view to one period of time, and I really enjoyed reading it. Hope you’ll like it too. Or you’ve already read it? Your thoughts?

love, Seldjana, your book orchid 🙂


4 thoughts on “To kill a mockingbird~Harper Lee

  1. Nice review. I’ve been meaning to review this book for a while now and the quotes you chose are exactly the same as the ones that I’ve been planing to use too. Great selection! Lovely photo and book cover too! It’s interesting to see the covers that familiar books have in other countries.

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