All the problems of being a book addict

Maybe this is an awkward moment when you look at the title and think what could possibly be under it but, oh, well, I guess that is the “mystery” touch up.

“So many books, so little me.” ~Frank Zappa~


I think that this quote pretty much sums up the problem no. 1 of being an addict for books. It’s the thing, when I think of all the books I ‘have to read’ I get a little stuck because there are SO MANY BOOKS IN THIS WORLD. And “unfortunately” they are all beautiful. And I just stand there and see how much have I read in my life and how enormous much I just need to read.


In my case, this is what happens the most of time. Well, okay, always. It’s just….Nope, I can’t. You know, I’m lucky to have a best friend who likes books as much as I do, but whenever I’m with anybody else, they just get bored of it. I mean, whaaat? I could spend hours and hours in a bookstore and always discover something new. I love looking at books, even when I’m too broke to buy any. Well, speaking of devil….


Well, yesss…. This is actually a big one. In fact, I could read lots of books. I just really don’t have money to buy all of them. I think my parents get really sick when they see me coming in house with a new book hahah. And I’m always like: “Sorry, can’t help it.”


The main problem when the school starts is that you can’t read what you want because there are so many subjects to learn and we all want good grades. Of course, I always read during the school year, but it’s different. I read less and I read shorter. It is mostly time problem. But it’s also concentration problem bc you always think of math, physics, and stuff while reading. Science is interesting, but books are more tho.

All in all, I hope that one day we’ll all be able to do what we want in life and enjoy it, of course. I’ve recently ran into this quote. And honestly, I find it a pretty good motivation.e73a8f2f4a5553d5f92bbbc62ca012c6

Already have some ideas of keeping my imagination in shape! What would be your ‘trio fantastico’? I’d really like to hear.

love, Seldjana, your book orchid 🙂


6 thoughts on “All the problems of being a book addict

  1. Haha, this resonates with me a lot. I too have a huge distraction problem at work, because most of what I read is on the kindle/kobo app on my phone! And it takes a lot to not keep spending my time reading in the loo!
    I still haven’t found my money making hobby, but I’ve found a job that allows me the time and pays for my two hobbies – travelling and reading 🙂 an that’s keeping me motivated enough for now!

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  2. I couldn’t agree more! Especially the school part, as someone who does sciences it really sucks to just read a few pages between lessons and not getting time to read at home because of all the homework. So i usually read in the car and pray for traffic. Also the audible groans from my parents when I tell them i want to buy a book.

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  3. You should buy a Kindle. I read almost 70 books last year. That would have cost me around $1000. Nope.

    I spend instead less than 300, including the purchase of the kindle.

    There are SO MANY books out there for free (in different forms), just witht eh Gutenberg Project you can read for a lifetime a book a penny.

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