First book review-Fortress, Meša Selimović

Well, I guess it’s time to get started.

This is Seldjana speaking! Just for the records, it’s my first book review this kind ever written and published so I really have no idea what will it look like but anyway, I hope it will be possible to read and understand.

It  wasn’t a hard choice to pick a book to analyse bc I read it recently and it’s already one of my favorites soo… I think it’s reasonable.

I don’t know how many of you guys have heard of this book or this author, but it’s a shame not to read anything that he wrote because he was really amazing writer and his books are also translated in English so perhaps you can read one of his works if you get interested.

“Sve će proći. Ali, kakva je to utjeha? Proći će i radost, proći će i ljubav, proći će i život. Zar je nada u tome da sve prođe?”


“Everything shall pass. But, what’s the comfort? The joy shall pass, the love shall pass, and the life shall pass. Is it hope that everything shall pass?

Before I read this beautiful book, I’ve heard so many things about it. And all my expectations were completely ruined when I started reading it. I had no idea that it’s this good! The plot itself is something that I don’t want to reveal so much bc I do not want to be a spoiler hahah. There is some psychological aspect that I admire in this book. You can completely start to understand life and all the people that surround you. There are so many BEAUTIFUL quotes that are totally worth every minute spent reading this book. The main character Ahmet Šabo represents every man who lost something in life. Who is lost in this world, who tries to understand it but he is just too good for all the evil that’s everywhere around him. He’s trying to fit in but he’s too different. He represents a dreamer. I also admire every moment he spends with his wife Tijana. They show what is true love without jealousy, greed, and without any secrets between. He always expresses how important it is to LISTEN to each other.

“The listener is the midwife in the difficult birth of the word.”

Others also represent different human qualities. Or non-qualities. We have those on the top of everything, the rulers of those little people. But they have problems too. No one has a perfect life. There are bugs, and it’s not the point to completely fix them because sometimes it’s not possible. As House says, the point is lowering them on some reasonable level. Learn to live with them. And also, do the same with people. You can’t look for a perfect human being, there’s always some little flaw. But accept it and always remember the rest, just like Ahmet did with Mahmut.


I honestly recommend this wonderful book, and hope you’ll read and like it as I did! Thank you for reading, love,

your book orchid 🙂



2 thoughts on “First book review-Fortress, Meša Selimović

  1. Congratulations on your first book review! The photos are great. I’ve never heard of this author but will definitely be checking out more about him. I’m also happy to get a completely new perspective on books from a different part of the world! Keep writing!

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